They were shooting stars...

August 21, 2017

By Jamiejoy Lidberg


They were shooting stars in my night sky. Burning moments, beautiful connections, fleeting streaks of light.

But I was the night sky and my heart the moon. My love galaxies. Moving and expanding.
And my beauty captivated those with eyes to see it; The lovers, the seekers, the ones with open hearts. And over the rest I cast a spell. A deep peaceful slumber.

And you were the sun, you were light,
And you sustained the earth.
But your rising caused my fall, 
And your rays broke the spell of my moonbeam's. 
And I was a wanderer, but you remained fixed. You were the center, unwavering, and steady. 
And I wondered at your strength, your light, your love.
But we were from different worlds, separated by magnetic forces.

Until one day all of the stars aligned, and the earth saw fit to bring us together. 
And your electric pieces found their way into my night sky, and together we become the Aurora.
And our lights intertwined as one, and we learned to move together.
Creating night and day, eclipsing one another.

And the earth fell silant at our beauty, 
and we inspired the world with our love.

Our love
of mystery and movement
light and glory
time and space.




Special thanks to Jim Bishop for the amazing photo!
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