Pahrump, NV
February 27, 2017

By Jamiejoy Lidberg

I wake up at 330 and cant fall back asleep.
I look at my phone; the temp reads 34 degrees.
I lay in bed for a while, refusing to leave my warm sleeping bag. Finally I get motivated and get up to start my buddy heater.

I make coffee and pancakes at 430am.
It someone feels romantic, like magic is in the air. I remind myself that I am living the life I dreamed about for so long. I am here. It is magic!

The BLM land I'm parked on stretches for miles, though it is only several miles from the town.
It is the perfect spot for peace and convenience, and I am camped with friends.

Everyone is kinda doing there own thing, though we are all grateful for the company. We ask each other "what direction are you going next?". We all have the same commitment issues and throw out multiple ideas.

I have been on the road now for 49 days.
I have fallen in love with this lifestyle.
Each morning I wake up early, excited to be living. Each day I remind myself to make the most of every moment.

The only issue I have is that the money I saved will be running out soon, so I am starting to think about job options.

I could work anywhere, I know. But when I started this it wasn't only for the chance to travel, it was a lifestyle change, a chance to grow and persue artistic endevors... I want a job that will leave room for this.

The speed I've been traveling at feels high pace. Even if it's only a couple hours driving, it is research and planning and setup and teardown. I am grateful to be here for the entire week; to slow down and to regain headspace.

Also, there is a hot air balloon festival, which I couldn't be any more excited for!

Life is good.
My heart is full.
And despite uncertainty, I feel healthier than I have in a long time.