Last day on the boat

By Jamiejoy Lidberg

September 22, 2017


The first time I rode on a ferry was just five years ago, traveling from Narragansett, Rhode Island out to Block Island.

I had taken a job as a Stewardess on a river boat and we were traveling to the island to meet our new captain and set sail.

Growing up in MN, I knew little about the ocean or boats, and I remember being facinated by the entire process. 
Even on the ferry ride, I felt like a wide eyed child; "We can walk around on the open deck? What if we hit a wave and fall off?" In the months that followed we visited Martha's vineyard, Nantucket, Providence, Bristol, New Bedford, Albany, Kingston, Catskill, New York City and more.

It's hard to believe that was my world only five year ago. It feels like that happened back in some previous life.

Today was my last day working on the boat here in AK and it has brought on a bit of nostalgia... But also, I can't help thinking about where I might I find myself in another five years...

Life is the greatest gift, and mine has been wrapped with sparkles and ribbons.
I can't wait to see where I end up next.