Emotional Stuff
March 9, 2017

By Jamiejoy Lidberg


I've been putting off posting this for while now... I was afraid of the responses I might get.


I want to keep things light and happy but we all know that's not always how life works. So to be honest, I've been going through some emotional stuff lately.

Some of you know about my backround and the way I was raised... I don't talk about it much because, well, religion is messy.

That being said, I started my blog and this fb page as a way to share my journey. Not just the traveling part, but also moving from a place of feeling oppressed and lost to a place of finding freedom.

I told myself I would be honest and vulnerable, because my story is one of hope and transformation and I want people to know that it's possible for anyone.

If things get deep or weird for a minute, this is why. I cannot continue posting just traveling pictures when so much is happening in my heart.

If you have opinions about this, please just remember to be kind.

Everyone is in a different place with beliefs and spirituality. Experiences are a pretty big factor in this, and no one can fully control what happens to them or how those things take affect.

The most important thing is love, empathy and compassion. We are all fighting hard battles and we need to learn to support each other despite our differences.

I'm still trying to find my voice in all of this.

My convoluted past has left me feeling disoriented and overwhelmed.

Despite this, I am learning to see the good in all things, and I so appreciate your support as I work through all of this, and begin to share different parts of my story.


This is the organization I was raised in.

Advanced Training Institute/ Institute of Basic Life Principles