A Downsizing Christmas 


Christmas is my favorite time of year, especially here in Minnesota! Its time I get to spend with family and friends. It’s hope and happiness in the midst of numbing cold.


It has been an emotional year for me. A year of grief, discovery and hope, but mainly the evolution of dreams.


Seems like forever now that I have been trying to figure out what to do with my life. It has been a question that has not been easy to answer. However after many months of saving, researching and soul searching, I finally have a vison. An oh so beautiful dream that I could spend a lifetime pursuing. My move into the airstream, the opportunity to travel, the ability to pursue this alternate lifestyle… It all feels like a dream!


In preparation for this new season, I have begun downsizing. This has proven to be far more difficult than I anticipated. Turns out I am emotionally attached to many of my possessions; a box of Christmas ornaments tops the list.


Every Christmas my Parents cover their tree with homemade ornaments. Every year my five siblings and I get together and reminisce about past Christmases, being kids, and creating these glitter glue covered popsicle stick beauties. Since I was little I always envisioned having the same tradition with my own family. I am now however 30 and single (which was not part of that vision).


A few years ago I bought a bunch of Christmas ornaments which I convinced myself would supplement nicely until the day of my own Christmas ornament creating children. These ornaments have become a representation of hope and of the dream of someday having a family of my own.


I love these ornaments and am not ready to let go of this hope. So despite my upcoming move/minimalist lifestyle, I had planned to pack them up and bring them along (don’t ask me where I was going to put them).


But as I took them from their boxes and hung them amidst the Christmas lights, I thought of all the things I am blessed with, and my dreams that are coming true... a lifestyle which allows for travel, a job in which I could find meaning, the courage to start writing, and at the top of that list; community.


This past year I have found myself surrounded and supported by so, so many wonderful people! It is not something I’ve always had and it is not something I take lightly. It has been your friendship, your support, your encouragement and belief in my dreams, that has helped bring me from daring to hope, to that hope becoming reality.


And so I am taking the ornaments down and packing them up again. Not to store away with hope, but to share with all of you. As a way to give back a small piece of all that has been given to me.


For hope in your future, belief in your dreams, and as a symbol of community.





The letter above is what evolved from a post on facebook about sendng out Christmas cards. To all who responded and participated in this project, thank you! I am honored to have you all as my friends and community.

The tree topper angel was given to the dish washer at my work. He is from Ecuador, speaks broken English, and is very much struggling to make the states “home”. His face lit up when I gave him the gift. I hope it means something special to you as well.