I wanted something different. Not just a house but a lifestyle. Something that would allow for travel and freedom. Something that would help me grow in my values, not assets.



After many months of saving, researching and soul searching, I finally have the answer for the next season of my life.

Freedom, adventure, community, spirituality, vulnerability.
This is the journey I've been on for a while now and the values that brought me to this next big decision...

I had been talking to a builder at a tiny house company, when he posted pictures of a 1969 Airstream on his Facebook page. For the next 24 hours I could think of nothing else. What would life be like in an Airstream? Could I make this home?

Within a week we had negotiated a contract and I had sent the check (though not first without being denied by one loan company, and having to come to terms with possibly waiting until the spring to move). But yes, it is now mine and I couldn’t be happier with the decision.

My 1969 Airstream Overlander is currently in TN being restored/renovated. When it is finished it will be my Pinterest dream, as well as a huge step in the direction I want my life to go.




I love that I have found something that coincides with my values.  I love that it is different. I love that it is vintage.
I feel like a kid awaiting Christmas morning. I'm trying to be patient. I know very well, the payoff that comes from the restoration process.

The completion date is set for January, though depending on a few circumstances I probably won't leave until the spring.  For the next several months I will be doing a lot of research, downsizing, and learning how to build this blog. My hope is to use the blog to share my adventures and to connect with like-minded community.

I know for some this idea is crazy, but it fits me perfectly. I feel so incredibly lucky! I never dreamed my life could be this beautiful!




Yes, this will be my full time residence.
No, I have not yet been inside.
Yes, I will be getting a new vehicle to tow it with.
No, I have never towed a trailer.
Yes, It will have a stove, refrigerator and bathroom (I am having the bathroom moved to the middle and the bedroom moved to the back).
No, I have never dealt with water tanks, dump tanks or generators.
Yes, I will be getting rid of most of my stuff (freedom>materialism).
No, I will not be bringing my motorcycle (it will be stored at my parents until I find a somewhat permanent location).
Yes, I will still be working (job possibilities are in the works).
No, I do not have a set route/location (I have applied for a job in Orlando but if this doesn't work out I will be happy anywhere near the ocean).
Yes, I know at some point I will end up in a trailer park (I'm excited to experience and learn from a new type of community).
No, I am not planning on living in it forever (eventually it will be an airbnb rental).
Yes, I am planning on going alone.
Yes, this somewhat terrifies me.
Yes, I will be purchasing a taser.
Yes, I will have a fold out futon so you can come and stay.
The deeper meaning of Rechah...