Do not abandon your dreams, but only those who try to wake you.

air cover

On April 1st, I pulled into Albuquerque, NM pulling my Airstream trailer behind me.
I had just spent the past two weeks in Memphis, TN helping finish up the renovation,
and now, FINALLY, after 18 months of waiting, she was all mine! ♥




I wanted something different... Not just a house but a lifestyle. Something that would allow for travel and freedom. Something that would help me grow in my values, not assets.

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The truth is that downsizing has not been easy. There are far too many things that the article on minimalism neglected to mention. Like the panic stricken moments of realization; “I’m  throwing away everything I’ve worked so hard for”

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I've been calling, txting, leaving messages... checking my phone like a desperate lover. But my hope is dwindling, and winter is on its way. I feel helpless and defeated.

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I sit on the plywood bench, my tears falling and soaking into the subfloor below me. I hold a bottle of red wine in my hands and pressed it agents my lips over and over again. My vision blurs I stare up at the metal engraving; AIRSTREAM...

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Making her mine...