“Rechah” is a Hebrew word which translates: “a place otherwise unknown”. It seems very fitting for my journey…

In my early 20’s I moved out of state for the first time, to experience more of what the world had to offer. I moved to three different states during the span of three years, before entering the cruise ship industry. There I worked for two different cruise ship companies, traveling the East Coast and the Caribbean.  

In 2014 I moved back to my home state of MN determining to somehow make traveling a sustainable lifestyle.

After a three years of working, saving and contemplating, I bought and converted my Chevy camper van. 

In Jan of 2017 I quit my job and hit the road, not knowing what the future may hold. Since then I’ve started a YouTube channel, opened my Airstream Airbnb, traveled from the South West to the South East, and booked an upcoming trip to Europe! 

I started this blog as a way to document my travels, but also to share my story.

My journey has not always been an easy one, however the more I travel, expand and learn to follow my heart, the more I am finding myself come alive in a world of so much love and light.

“Do not abandon your dreams, but rather, those who try to wake you”.