Aleader Water Shoes

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Aleader water shoes and asked to do a review in exchange for their product. If you’ve been following my journey you know that I’m all about going on new adventures; especially those involving water.
In my Europe travels alone, I have spent time sailing, snorkeling, and hiking near water, and I couldn’t help but think how useful these shoes would have been and still would be now. 

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-The Xdrain water shoes are made of vegan materials including; mesh, elastic and soft textile fabric. 

-They are comfortable, breathable and very lightweight. 

-One of my favorite features of the Xdrain shoe, is its sole which allows for instant water drainage through the bottom of the shoe. 

-Unlike other water shoes that fill with water quickly and become loose, the Xdrains always maintain their comfortable and secure fit. 

-The soles are removable for cleaning and drying purposes. 

-The Xdrains have an elastic lacing system to ensure a quick and secure fit. They are also slip resistant, durable and they float.

-In addition to water adventure, I have worn these shoes walking and hiking in the woods. They are the perfect water shoe for adventures of all kinds!

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