Sailing from Cyprus to Crete

The plan was June 1st. But when sailing you can never be sure. Everything was weather dependant, and so on May 23rd we set sail.

I had three days experience. ali had one. Even still the captains reassured us that we would learn as we went. Just don’t hit another boat he told us. It seemed easy enough.

The day before we went to the grocery store and stocked up on supplies. We bought pizza and other easy to prepare meals, as cooking or other detailed activities inside the boat can often bring on sea sickness.

When morning broke, we were all happy for a clear sunny day. We filled our water tanks, disconnected from shore power, topped off our gas, and set sail. There was no wind as we pulled out of the limassol harber, and so we motored with one engine at about 6 knots.

Between the three of us, our watches were split: 8-12, 12-4, 4-8. I had the first watch and was happy for it. The landscape leaving Cyprus was beautiful. We sailed in view of the mountains and large cliffs all down the islands coast.

At 12 Ali took over watch and I went to take a nap. I thought sailing would be like normal life on a boat, but I found that its actually quite exhausting. The constant movement made me feel lethargic and threw off my sense of gravity. Unless I was lying down, or sitting with my back agents something, every activity took twice the amount of normal physical strain.

In the evening I reappeared on deck and was surprised to see the island still in sight. We had been sailing for 12 hours and had only traveled. Miles.


Logically I knew, sailing is meant to be slow. But being use to van life and road tripping 300 miles usually take no more then 6 hours. 5 miles per hour is great in calm weather but hell in rough wav

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