Botany Bay/ Edisto Island

Botany Bay/ Edisto Island

Hidden among the wild Oaks and gravel roads of South Carolina, somewhere in-between Charleston and Savannah, GA, there is the most amazing hidden beach that I now consider my absolute favorite! Driftwood Beach is only accessible by going through Botany Bay Heritage Preserve, which is accessible by Botany Bay Road (map below).

As you drive down Botany Bay road, you will pass thousands of large Oak Tree’s stretching out and framing the road. This beautiful street is only the beginning however, as 2.5 miles down the road you will run into the Botany Bay Plantation Heritage Preserve.

Botany Bay Heritage Preserve is a 4687-acre Plantation and wildlife preserve located on the coast of Edisto Island.
The area is free to enter and contains a self guided driving tour, trails, historical structures and the beautiful Driftwood Beach.

To access the beach you must drive from the entrance to the small beach parking lot (take a right at marker #3). From there you must walk on the marked path, half a mile through the march area.
There will be an attendant at the main entrance to give you a free permit and sign you in. They will also give you a map and explain details and directions. Do be aware; there are no bathrooms, pets are not allowed, it is also forbidden to take shells or any other artifacts.  

It may be a bit out of the way to access this spot, but once you reach the beach, you will see a sight you’ll never forget:

Thousands of dead tree’s stand and lie among the beach area, their skeleton branches stretching into the air, their roots exposed. Large shells hang, strung by tourists, to the roots of some tree’s, and if you wonder down to the far South end of the beach you will see more large shells, propped up and set upon every toppled tree and surface. 

For the two hours I wondered the shoreline, I again became a child. Wide eyed, in wonder of this hauntingly beautiful playground. The whole experience was magic, I am so glad I stopped!

Friends, add this place to the top of your bucket list!

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