When a friends gifts you a night at his time share in Orlando, you go to Orlando! 

I had such a lovely time at the Wyndham Resort in Orlando.
Thanks so much to my lovely friend for his kindness and generosity! 

Ace Cafe

I’ve been a Cafe Racer enthusiast for several years now, and always wanted to visit the Original Ace Cafe in London. The Ace Cafe in Orlando opened in 2017. So happy I finally got to visit, even if its not the original London location.

The cafe racer movement was born in London in the 1950s. The riders of these low profile, lightweight, speed driven machines were typically young daredevilish and rock and roll obsessed. One such group called themselves the Rockers or the Ton Up Boys. During the birth of rock and roll the music was not yet commonly available and the only place the Rockers had access to it was on a jukebox at a cafe. They would sometimes decide on racing route, put a quarter in the jukebox, and jump on their bikes, the goal being to make it back before the song I had ended. Another goal for the Rockers was reaching a speed of 100 miles per hour or as they called it, the ton. Many riders died racing or in the process of trying to reach the ton. In the beginning of it era, Ace Cafe catered mostly to over-the-road truck drivers. The trucker’s would laugh at these motorcycle boys, calling them mere cafe racers. No it started as a derogatory term the rockers embraced it and so began the history of the cafe racer motorcycle.

In 1969 Ace Cafe closed its doors, due to Social and economical changes. Many who had been a part of this movement however, remained enthusiastic to its orgins, and throughout the years there were reunions and motorcycle runs, all from the original Ace Café location.

In 1997 the property was repurchased, and the café reopened for weekends. In 2001 an official grand reopening was had, and Ace Cafe resumed its iconic status. In 2011 a Finland location was opened, in 2015 Switzerland and Beijing. In 2017 Barcelona was opened as well as our very own location here in the state; Ace Café Orlando

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