Not all who wander are lost…

Not all who wander are lost…

They say ‘Not all who wander are lost”
But perhaps lost is not such a bad place to be…

It is the lost who contain the courage to step off the beaten path.
To leave complacency behind
To question, to search.

It is the lost who find themselves
In the most beautiful of places.
With wisdom and strength
With stories that will live on through generations.

Others still are forging forward creating new paths.
Refusing to settle in a world who’s values do not reflect their own;

Those who would rather be rich with experience
Those who would rather risk then regret.
The brave
Those in search for something greater than themselves.

And to the wanders
Those with wide eyes and open hearts
Those whose home is the road
The mountains
The trees.

They drink the ocean for breakfast from their coffee cups.
Their stomachs fill feasting on sunsets and starlit skies.


Unless you were born into the perfect place
at some point, we all must leave.
Where you start doesn’t matter
only that you start.

Our journeys are not defined by societies rules
We are not afraid to get lost or to loose

We take our fate into our own hands
We bet on ourselves

The lost and wondering
The wild and free

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