Bay St. Louis

Bay St. Louis

After spending an entire week here in Waveland and Bay St. Louis, I can say that it is one of my all time favorite van dwelling towns. 

The combined population of both Bay St. Louis and its neighboring town Waveland, is just under 20,000 people.
There are plenty of stores and restaurants in town, but the beaches is vast, quiet and underpopulater.
If you follow Beach Blvd, which runs parallel with HWY 90, you will eventually come to the downtown area of Bay St. Louis. This area is comprised of half a dozen little beach restaurants, a few b&b’s and the towns Marina.

Some might wonder what would attract me to such a small town, but it’s lack of attractions is actually what I found so appealing. Of course, having a walmart and my gym in close proximity helped, but my personal opinion is that this quaint little beach town is one of Americas best kept secrets.

I spent a good amount of time at many of the beaches nearby, and though it was winter, I was shocked by how empty they were. For the most part my vehicle was the only one in the parking lot, which was free and only steps away from the ocean.

There is also street side parking lining parts of Pass Christian and downtown Bay St. Louis with no regulation signs. I parked in these spots several nights and didnt have a problem.  

Also nearby is Buccaneer State Park and The Silver Slipper Casino.

This is the perfect spot if your looking for peaceful beach town.  

While in Waveland and Bay St. Louis…

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