San Antonio Hot Springs

San Antonio Hot Springs

San Antonio Hot Springs is an out and back trail located near Jemez Pueblo, New Mexico.

The trail is .6 miles each way from the closest parking lot, however to get to that parking lot, there is another 5 miles road. This road is full of deep whole, ruts, rocks, and should only be attempted with a 4×4 vehicle. This road is also closed from Dec 31st to April 15th, and so be prepared for a 5 mile walk each way. The trail is rated as moderate, and is primarily used for hiking, walking and nature trips.

From the parking lot the trail is well worn and marked. You will hike down towards a small stream and cross over the bridge. Shortly after the bridge the trail becomes a bit steep, however once you make it up you will see it is well worth the climb.

Multiple pools sit surrounded by wide open views of the mountainous terrain. The water is also very clean due to the pipes constant flow. For more info and reviews click here

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Our drive up HWY 550 and 4 was almost as nice as the hot spring themselves. 
We passed through several cute little towns and stopped in Jemez Pueblo. 

Jemez Pueblo is located 40 minutes South of San Antonio hot spring. The town itself has several commercial Hot spring as well as a few gifts shops and restaurants. 

Views going North on HWY 550
There are several commercial hot springs in town

HWY 4 Coffee is a great stop if you are heading that way throughout the morning hours; Offering coffee, pastries, quiche, panini’s, pizza, hand made bread and more, HWY 4 is a sure win, on your way to the hot springs.

Jemez Stage Stop is a restaurant right up the street, which deserves a category all of its own. With its “home style” cooking and small town feel, you will be right at home.
Dog’s are welcome (and served), and you also have a good chance of meeting and sharing stories with the owners. There are also bands and music meetups frequently throughout the week. Bluegrass rules here. Do be aware there is no alcohol, however feel free to BYOB. This place will make you feel like your at your own family reunion. LOVED IT!

Highway 4 Coffee
Jemez Stage Stop
For information on free campsites in this area
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