My Favorite Shooting Star

My Favorite Shooting Star

I was trying so hard to hear all the beautiful words coming from his lips… But all I could process was his arm around me and his hand on my thigh and his kisses on my cheek and his patience as I stumble over my words like I do.

I tried to play it casual, my walls stand tall. But they were no match for his love, his acceptance of me.

Wait, no. I’m not thin. I dropped out of school. I grew up in a cult.

I’m not enough.

And yet he wanted me for all the time that he had here. My company, my hand, my smile.

I drove him to the train station later that afternoon. I knew I probably wouldn’t see him again, but somehow that was ok. Somehow keeping him, was not what it was about…

He had already given me enough. 

The love we shared, not deep, but flowing. Light streaks for each other.

Friend, you are my favorite shooting star. Thank you for reminding me that I am lovable.

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1 thought on “My Favorite Shooting Star”

  • Jamie… 

    There is no hole in your soul. 
    For too many… often hole between their legs takes the peg. 

    There is no hole in your heart. 
    For too many… often they wind up being the tart. 

    I wish I could put you in a warp, that time make it thwart. 

    Your soul is whole. 

    Your heart is whole. 

    Do not mistake hole.  Do not mistake whole. 

    Shooting stars rare, nice,
    Sun and moon in due time. 

    Your essence… your presence… you touch me somewhere no one else has.  Not for any lack, it’s just somewhere in maybe only your soul, lies that knack. Profound, I dig deep down, still no idea how you’ve found. Anything else and I would have said them wrong, unknowingly you persist and something wonderful continues to be drawn. 

    Touched by you – 
    Unrequested reciprocate may not land however with my words I still stand. 


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