Month: November 2017

Santa Fe

Santa Fe

Santa Fe, New Mexico Santa Fe has become one of my all time favorite cities; with its beautiful mountain views, adobe  architecture and amazing food, it is a place I think everyone should experience at least once. Below is a list of what has become […]

My Favorite Shooting Star

My Favorite Shooting Star

I was trying so hard to hear all the beautiful words coming from his lips… But all I could process was his arm around me and his hand on my thigh and his kisses on my cheek and his patience as I stumble over my words […]

San Antonio Hot Springs

San Antonio Hot Springs

San Antonio Hot Springs is an out and back trail located near Jemez Pueblo, New Mexico.

The trail is .6 miles each way from the closest parking lot, however to get to that parking lot, there is another 5 miles road. This road is full of deep whole, ruts, rocks, and should only be attempted with a 4×4 vehicle. This road is also closed from Dec 31st to April 15th, and so be prepared for a 5 mile walk each way. The trail is rated as moderate, and is primarily used for hiking, walking and nature trips.

From the parking lot the trail is well worn and marked. You will hike down towards a small stream and cross over the bridge. Shortly after the bridge the trail becomes a bit steep, however once you make it up you will see it is well worth the climb.

Multiple pools sit surrounded by wide open views of the mountainous terrain. The water is also very clean due to the pipes constant flow. For more info and reviews click here

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Our drive up HWY 550 and 4 was almost as nice as the hot spring themselves. 
We passed through several cute little towns and stopped in Jemez Pueblo. 

Jemez Pueblo is located 40 minutes South of San Antonio hot spring. The town itself has several commercial Hot spring as well as a few gifts shops and restaurants. 

Views going North on HWY 550
There are several commercial hot springs in town

HWY 4 Coffee is a great stop if you are heading that way throughout the morning hours; Offering coffee, pastries, quiche, panini’s, pizza, hand made bread and more, HWY 4 is a sure win, on your way to the hot springs.

Jemez Stage Stop is a restaurant right up the street, which deserves a category all of its own. With its “home style” cooking and small town feel, you will be right at home.
Dog’s are welcome (and served), and you also have a good chance of meeting and sharing stories with the owners. There are also bands and music meetups frequently throughout the week. Bluegrass rules here. Do be aware there is no alcohol, however feel free to BYOB. This place will make you feel like your at your own family reunion. LOVED IT!

Highway 4 Coffee
Jemez Stage Stop
For information on free campsites in this area
White Sands National Monument

White Sands National Monument

White Sands National Monument has been on my bucket list for quite some time now, and this past week I finally got to go! Such a magical place! 275 miles of white gypsum sand dune glory! White Sands National Monument is located in the South […]

Choose to see the world

Choose to see the world

Choose to see the world as if we have a sun who shines for us, An earth that gives us bread, Bodies that work on our behalf. As if we hold in our hands the answers to many ancient questions, As if knowledge could somehow […]

Finding my brave

Finding my brave

I was going to post this picture before I left MN. This is a necklace I bought in Alaska which reads “Brave”.

You’ve probably seen my posts about this before… I don’t feel brave, there are risks I have been too afraid to take, real bravery is living out of your heart, it’s being honest.

Well here’s some cold, hard honestly that I have been afraid to share until now: I hated Alaska.

I tried so, so hard to put a positive spin on things, to practice gratitude, to be optimistic.
I know I’m lucky to have gotten such an amazing opportunity. I know there are many people who dream of being able to visit AK.

But the reality was that life was hard and I was very isolated. When I wasn’t at work feeling inadequate (trying to catch up to a team that had been trained in months before me), or biking through terrible weather, or trying to get cell service, I was at the apt alone, drinking.

I knew it wasn’t healthy, I even thought about leaving. But it was a 2 and a half month contract… was it really that bad?
Towards the end I made an amazing friend who helped to salvaged the experience. And I did (as you may have seen in my videos) get to go on some amazing adventures!

I am grateful for that. I am grateful for the experience. I am grateful for all the lessons I learned. But when people ask if I’ll go back and I respond; “maybe, I’d rather travel to somewhere new”, what I actually mean is “Hell, no!”

I didn’t (and still don’t) want people to think I am negative or ungrateful for such an amazing opportunity, and while I don’t think AK was a “mistake”, It was most definitely was a cop out.

It was me looking for a parachute instead of finding my wings. It was grasping to security: a job: money, instead of trusting and pursuing what it is I really want to do.

This is also what the poem I posted a while back (Security Vs. Freedom) was all about. Not specifically life on the road, but stepping into something new/risky/transcending your boundaries, Vs. settling in what is comfortable.

MN was security, and it felt so fucking good! I may not have the closest relationships with my family, but the month I spent there was amazing! I forgot how good it feels to be surrounded by people who love you.
And sometimes that support is all you need to realize that “freedom is the one”.

I was going to post about that, and inspiration and choosing bravery. 
I was going to to post this picture with some inspiring words; telling you that I’m stepping up, that I’m planning to write a book, that I want to share so much more of my heart and my journey…

But to be honest (again) I am still trying to convince myself that I have what it takes. 
I’m still battling the negativity in my head and wondering if I will even have enough courage to hit the post button at the end of this.

Maybe I will post this and fail at writing a book. Maybe I will cop out and have to take another job I hate. Maybe I will go back to security and disappoint all the other nomadic souls. Maybe I will brake the promise I made to myself when I left AK; “I will be brave. I will take the risk”.

I guess I’m just posting this to let you know where I’m at. I’ve been silent for a while now because I didn’t have the courage to voice all of this. I wanted a resolution. I wanted a definite plan. I thought that by now, I would have mustered up enough self confidence to be sure about things.

I still dont have an answer. Im just taking life day by day.
But maybe telling you all of this can be a good start. Maybe voicing my fears and insecurity can be the first step of my being brave.