When Old Songs Bring Up Old Shit

When Old Songs Bring Up Old Shit

 We were together but for a moment
We were together but for the length of a night.

And in that short time span, I fell hard and fast for you
I do that, I wish I was not that way

I wish there had been more
Anyone to dull the pain of all lessons you taught me that night
For I was a child and you were my teacher
I hoped for summer love
But you only had grades to give

And as we sang those words from the second floor balcony
Amongst the crowd and the lights and the electric of that moment
Our most favorite song
“I’ll be a thorn in your side, for always”

Little did I know we wouldn’t even last until morning

But a short lived night was all we shared
My lesson ended early and you dismissed me
I wasn’t enough to keep you
I was just stepping stone
You rang the bell and closed the door behind me

So now
Will I drown myself, until I learn to breathe your water?
Will I study the text books you handed me at the door?

I wish it was easier to let you go
I wish I could forgive you and learn to walk on my own

But I was a child
And you were the darkest sky
“Color me black” I begged you
So you took a permanent marker and drew one line across my center

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