Working on a Boat in Alaska

Working on a Boat in Alaska

Everyday working on the ferry, we make multiple trips to Haines, AK. Sometimes we dock there for hours before leaving again, and during those time’s I like to go ashore and explore the town.

Haines is located in the northern part of the Alaska panhandle. It acts as a neighboring town to Skagway, which is located 14 miles further North. Despite the short 14 mile/ 45 minute ferry trip up the inlet, the trip by road is a staggering 360 miles. The South East part of Alaska has about 30 communities, only three of which have roads leading out and through the mountains.

From the dock in Haines you have a perfect view of the Coastal mountain range. The Coastal mountains stretch all the way from Alaska to Central Mexico. A mile or two into the waters of the Lutack inlet, also gives you a view of the Farrabie Glacier. Perhaps the most spectacular view of all however, is the Chilcat mountains, which reach 6000 feet in elevation and act as the backdrop for Haines.  

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Haines has a population of about 2400 people. The main industries are fishing and tourism. Haines is largely known for its abundant wildlife, due to its close proximity to the Chilcoot river and the Chilcat river.

Haines has three museums: the Sheldon museum, which houses our natives history. the bald eagle preserve, and a hammer museum; with over 2000 hammers. They also have three grocery stores, half a dozen restaurants, and many guides and wildlife tour services.

Sarah J's Coffee shop
Hammer museum

If you get the chance to visit Haines, stop by The Pilot House restaurant. It is straight up the street from the dock and has the most amazing food. That being said, you probably want to plan you visit during the summer months. The winters can be pretty brutal and some of the seasonal shops (including the Pilot House) shut down as early as September.

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