I’m sitting in a coffee shop in Santa Fe.
Bon Iver is playing on the speakers above.

It was two and a half years ago that I played this album on repeat… over and over as I drove down the east coast.

It was fall and I was on a road trip.

I was sure that on this trip I was going to find some adorable beach town to move to and call home.
I drove to the Outer Banks and from there to Wilmington. I was dreaming of the ocean, riding my bicycle to the farmers market, fishing, and sharing my home with other travelers.

A week later however, I returned to MN feeling defeated. I had found no such magic location. Little did I know that within the next few months, I would find the airstream online and decide that maybe “home” didn’t need a location. What if I could still have all those things I dreamed about, but mobily? What if my Gypsy heart need not be tamed?

It’s been quite the journey, waiting on the airstream renovation, then buying the van, then traveling the west coast…
But even more significant has been my internal journey. And overcoming a past filled with so much darkness and negativity. Yet now here I am surrounded with such beauty!

My heart is full.
I am just so grateful for the way things turned out.
It’s hard not to cry as the words of this song bring back so many memories.
I call my blog “Road to Rechah”, and though the road will continue, It is no longer in search of some magic location.
I have found that everything I need is inside of me.
This is my Christmas morning.
I am the magic.
And I am home wherever I wander.

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