The cult next door

The cult next door

I’ve been putting off posting this for while now… I was afraid of the responses I might get.

I want to keep things light and happy but we all know that’s not always how life works. So to be honest, I’ve been going through some emotional stuff lately.

Some of you know about my backround and the way I was raised… I don’t talk about it much because, well, religion is messy.

That being said, I started my blog and this fb page as a way to share my journey. Not just the traveling part, but also moving from a place of feeling oppressed and lost to a place of finding freedom.

I told myself I would be honest and vulnerable, because my story is one of hope and transformation and I want people to know that it’s possible for anyone.

If things get deep or weird for a minute, this is why. I cannot continue posting just traveling pictures when so much is happening in my heart.

If you have opinions about this, please just remember to be kind.
Everyone is in a different place with beliefs and spirituality. Experiences are a pretty big factor in this, and no one can fully control what happens to them or how those things take affect.

The most important thing is love, empathy and compassion. We are all fighting hard battles and we need to learn to support each other despite our differences.

I’m still trying to find my voice in all of this.
My convoluted past has left me feeling disoriented and overwhelmed.

Despite this, I am learning to see the good in all things, and I so appreciate your support as I work through all of this, and begin to share different parts of my story.

The video below is a short documentary that was released last week by high school student Jake Youngman. This is the community I grew up in and was a part of until I graduated high school.

Its been over 10 years since I put this all behind me. My life now is so full of hope and beauty. Still, watching the film was incredibly difficult. I can see areas of my life that are still affected by all of this… I feel as if I’m grieving that.

If you know my family personally, please do not bring this up. They are amazing, loving people who may have different beliefs than I, and I want to respect them and the individual journeys they are on.

2 thoughts on “The cult next door”

  • Jamie when I was 14 in my version of hell in my life…I found a children’s Bible I read it cover to cover about five times…I crawled up on my roof and cried out for God to kill me for I hated / detested my life…I tried in my fourteen year old mind to die…that was 45 years ago roughly Jesus showed up for me that day and I know the Bible is His word. All my life I have had problems with organized religion…it is hard to accept the power of positive thinking when you haven’t eaten for awhile and life is misery…There is a God and He loves you more than we know and He has a plan to redeem us all. Browse a Bible and He will show you he did me…. 🙂

  • Dear Jamie,

    I start by saying Hello. I came across your videos on YouTube , which lead me here and found this post. I also was reared up in cult.,believing many strict guidelines only to come to find out it was all a lie. Once a person wakes from the slumber and of narrow view of the dictator controlling ones mind you have this amazing awakening on the inside. People do not understand unless they have came though it themselves. You feel the freedom and see the beauty everywhere. It is hard to describe to people and for the most part , they sorta see you as a nut case- someone that has lost their minds.

    I enjoy your videos and your adventures very much. They remind me as not to forget where I came from and what is important and not to get bogged down with all the problems of this world.

    Thank you,for reminding me of these things. 🙂

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