Pahrump, NV (Hot Air Balloon Festival)

Pahrump, NV (Hot Air Balloon Festival)

I woke up later then I had planned and considered going back to bed. It was another very cold morning and I was out of coffee. I reasoned with myself “I already got balloon pictures yesterday”, and “perhaps I’ll just snap a few photos from the van window”.
But was I really too lazy to get out of bed when I had camped out in the festivals parking lot?

I forced myself out into the freezing cold and headed towards the field.

I wandered amongst groups unloading and filling their balloons. It was actually pretty amazing that they even let people on the field. I tried shots from different angles and took a few videos clips. “Just a one more” I told myself. My hands were going numb from the cold.
“You here to help?” I heard I man’s voice call from behind me.
“Um… yes? Yes, I would love to help” I responded somewhat confused.
I had heard that sometimes the balloon owners needed extra help while filling their balloons, though I had been late to the field and most of the balloons were already taking off.
The man motioned for me to join a group of 8 or so people who were all standing around a trailer. “What luck!” I thought excitedly as I took my place around in the group. A harsh looking women was barking out directions.

For the next hour or so I held different lines, struggled to unroll the massive balloon and helped transport the basket onto the field from the trailer.
My mood quickly changed. It all felt like such a gift.

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When the balloon was filled, our group gathered around and put our weight on the edges of the basket to keep it grounded. The owner, (the stern looking woman) climbed inside, followed by man who had also been in our group. She then motioned at another man wearing veterans hat and he climbed in as well.
I was secretly wishing she would invite me to join, but the basket only held four people, and unfortunately I had made no real connection with the stern looking women.
The man who had invited me to help ran up to the basket and whispered something in the woman’s ear. “Get in!” she yelled at me.

I stood standing with my jar dropped open. Had she really just said that to me?!
I got in.
And I actually went for a real hot air balloon ride!
We flew for 45 minutes, miles from the festival!

At the end of the ride we landed in a field and she popped bottles of champagne. She told us the history of of how hot air balloons got started and deemed us excellent co-pilots.
The whole experience was pretty unreal!

I have been learning how the slightest move can rocket you into new dimensions, and this was a perfect example of that.

Friends, make your move! Even if it’s only baby steps.
The universe will meet you and carry you forward.

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