Reraised in the Wild

Reraised in the Wild

I said to the sun “weather me”
And to the moon “cast me under your spell”
I asked the stars to teach me;
How to shine and how to fall when it is time

And from the desert I’ll learn peace
The forest, wisdom
The mountain, strength
And in the ocean seas I will find my freedom

And when the night falls the clouds will cover me
The crickets sing my lullaby
The fireflies shine as my light lamp
The winds kiss my face

And when I wake with the sun
And eat the fruit of my mother
Another morning
Another day gifted to me
Let my heart be open and my eyes wide with wonder

And as the flowers I will dance in the breeze.
I will be blown by the wind
And tossed by the waves
I will bend and break
Bloom and wither
Take my place as part of nature

For the earth is my mother and god is my father
And I will be reraised in the wild

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