Airstream Progress

Airstream Progress

I really thought this was going to go differently…

I sit on the plywood bench, my tears falling and soaking into the subfloor below me. I hold a bottle of red wine in my hands and pressed it agents my lips over and over again. My vision blurs I stare up at the metal engraving; AIRSTREAM.

I thought coming here would leave me with a resolution but I am more conflicted than ever.

The Airstream sits, door open at the end of a gravel drive. Wall beams sit bare and wires strewn from the ceiling like frozen confetti.

It’s not near to being completed.

Apparently the subcontractor who was hired only did a small portion of the work before taking the rest of the money and leaving town. The owners are looking into whether the work he did is even salvageable… if so, it will still take months to complete.

I was going to wait to post about this until I had found something positive to say. Some answer or lesson or inspirational story…

But it’s important to be real about pain and disappointed and grief.

So that’s where I am today.

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