Today is My Gift

Today is My Gift

Today I have been gifted 11,322 days of life. 11,322 new beginnings. Occasions for change. Opportunity to love, dream, inspire and experience beauty.

I didn’t think much about my birthday this year. I guess because there are so many other exciting things going on in my life. These days, everyday feels like my birthday. I guess that is the magic of dreams and purpose.

I’ve spent A LOT of time dreaming about the future. Preparing for this upcoming season, working and saving for this next big adventure. But a while ago I was dreaming about today, and not so long ago this day was all that mattered…

The day I would finally be over the pain of a past breakup. The day I would be working the job I have now. The day I’d fit into the clothes I just put on. The moment I’d have the courage to share all of this on paper.

And today is a day I can date whoever I want. A day I am free to voice my religious beliefs. Today is a day of gender and racial equality. Its a day my future is limited only to my own imagination.

Today was a dream but now is my realty. Today is my gift!

So despite the fact that I am so excited about the future, I am learning to embody this moment and to live in the now.

Find beauty in your present and live there.
If we cannot learn this, we will always be trying and wanting and waiting.
You can choose to run towards an invisible finish line, or you can choose a direction and learn to love the journey.

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